Reef safer fish for reef aquariums, what are my choices?

There are so many fish to choose from when stocking your reef aquarium, so you start to ask what fish can I add that are reef safe?

I have been told that no fish is totally reef safe and that some are “reef safer” than others but most all fish will eat beneficial algae, coral, invertebrates or other reef life at some point and it is choosing reef safer fish that is most realistic.

Here is my short list as to what I have had success with in reef aquariums, beware your results and milage my vary as all fish have individual personalities and characteristics.

  • Tangs – Yellow, Sailfin, Kole are best choices
  • Gobies – Watchman, Diamond, Zebra bar are best choices
  • Cardinals – Bangai, is a great captive bred option!
  • Clownfish – Any captive bred is a great option!
  • Fairy Wrasse – Mccoskers, Solar, Multicolor are my favorites

Purchase only quarantined fish that are healthy and eating well before adding to an established reef aquarium, please inquire if you would like help in stocking your reef aquarium with quarantined fish and corals.

Happy Reefing!

Fish Doctor Is Now Accepting New Clients

Why should i choose the Fish Doctor over another aquarium service?

The reason i became a professional aquarist is because of my endless quest for knowledge and answers. That has paved the way to my being successful in my business. The main aquarium service problems that occur and lead to relationships with my new clients are as follows.

  • The existing company is over committed with it’s existing service clientele and has no time to properly service clients.
  • The existing service company has no real experience in the selection and compatibility of animals.
  • Proper 21 day quarantine of all animals and corals is not being done and as such disease and parasites have not been properly treated before adding animals to the display aquariums.
  • Reliability is not a main concern of all aquarium service company’s and service intervals may be extended if you do not have weekly or bi-weekly service due to the often lower priority of monthly and longer service interval clientele.
  • Most aquarium service company’s are getting by with the minimum amount of materials and overhead as possible. I have invested in only the best materials and products available to service aquariums with and i keep my overhead low so that i have enough capitol to properly keep my clients supplies in stock all the time.
  • I have liability business insurance to cover any accidents or problems that could occur due to my service. I also have a background check completed (and on file for your viewing) to allow confidence and security in your place of business and also in your home. I am properly licensed, and have a business license and a registered business name with the county.
  • I offer a 14 day guarantee on all livestock (except special orders) including fish, invertebrates and corals for my weekly and bi-weekly clients. All clients are offered a 7 day guarantee on livestock unless otherwise stated on your invoice.
  • The best service can be had for more but not for any less. You will get what you pay for with my service and i guarantee my quality will meet or exceed your expectations. The long term advantage of having my company service your aquariums will be obvious in the first month. I will give 110% effort and not let up until our common goals are met and your aquarium is jaw dropping to all who have a chance to view it.
  • My quality is insured by my service being performed by myself (the owner) solely and will not be done by a aquarist in training as is the case with many other service company’s.
  • I do my very best to help educate and share insights into the aquarium as much as is desired by the client. I love to inspire both young and old(er) with information i can provide about what is occurring in your specific aquarium such as mating/courtship of animals and the interactions of symbiotic animals.

I hope this will clarify some of the reasons why you should consider Fish Doctor aquarium service company over the competition.

Corals Are The Best Medicine For Relaxation

Years of research has now determined that corals are the best reef medicine for relaxation in your saltwater aquarium. I can personally attest that my research is unbiased, and a solely scientific study that has been to determine what reef biotypes are the best at producing a relaxed feeling in the aquarium owner and its viewers. Reef aquariums are the best medicine, if you don’t believe me ask your closest reefing buddy or consult the online reef community at reef central or reefs 2 reefs. Reef events are also a great way to connect with fellow reefers in your area to share knowledge and propagated corals. Please take the time to properly learn how to care for a reef aquarium before starting one, then grow your own reef at home! Please ask if you have any desire to own or already own a reef aquarium that is in need of professional care as I am eager to share my passion with others and show everyone what a great reef aquarium can look like with proper husbandry! Reefs are the largest living organism(s) on earth and are visible from space!

Fish Doctor is looking for qualified aquarium service technicians.

Are you or do you know someone who is an aquarium guru and is looking for some additional income and perhaps a career change? I am looking for someone who is very knowledgeable about aquariums and fish and who has the desire to learn more about the world of marine biology and aquariums, plumbing and electrical and some retail sales. I can especially use a fish expert or ichthyologist on staff in addition to myself. I am willing to train and refine skills but I do need the right person who is already very knowledgeable of all of these areas of the trade. Compensation is based on experience. Please send resume and compensation request to for consideration.