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Reef Aquariums as a educational tool

Good day and welcome to my blog page,

Today I am writing about how a reef aquarium can be a wonderful learning tool for everyone.

With a reef aquarium you will learn about wild animals vs captive bred and the sustainability of our natural ocean environments and the animals that live there.

You also learn about chemistry and the interaction of elements in the nitrification process, trace elements and core building elements of Alkalinity, Calcium and Magnesium that sustain live corals and provide for their growth ongoing.

You are always learning as a reef aquarist and this is a great interaction for family's to share and learn together as well.

During this pandemic it has been more important than ever to create a happy place for you to thrive in and create joy.

My experience as a diver since 2002, as a ocean conservationist working with Reef Check California and a underwater photographer and a member of NCUPS (Northern California Underwater Photography Society) I always want to conserve what I love and share that with others. My dive adventures have taken me to Mexico a half dozen times, Caymen Islands twice and along the Califorina coastline from Monterey to the Channel Islands.

I love taking new divers to places I have been to share what I have experienced, unfortunately the changes I have seen in the past 20 years underwater have not all been good.

Our local kelp forests are being lost to urchins and poor water quality, while the wales, sharks and other animals are losing food sources and habitat as we develop our coastlines and drill our ocean floors for oil and natural gas.

Conservation is what will protect what we love and allow it to thrive for future generations to come. When we make it a priority to protect our natural resources we are protecting our future and the need to coexist with our environment.

While a reef aquarium is a great learning tool it is also a statement on conservation and can be a way to show others that sustainable choices do exist within reef aquarium keeping.

Aquaculture coral, fish and invertebrates are now more common that ever, and i suggest you build your aquarium with these choices if and when possible.

Please contact me today for a consultation if you have or are interested in a reef aquarium, I would love to help you succeed! Happy reefing.

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